Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo is Ov-UG

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to see Ovo down at the Santa Monica Pier.  I had seen Cirque du Soleil’s homage to the Beatles in Las Vegas a few years back and loved it.  It was like climbing inside of a yellow submarine on drugs (me and the submarine) and was completely fantastical.  It not only told the story of the music, but also embraced the magic of the Beatles ingenuity.  Ovo on the other hand, fell short of the $100 ticket price.

The premise is interesting enough; a group of bugs has an egg dropped into their lives and you don’t know what they’re going to do with it.  But the story never really takes off, never goes anywhere, and never finishes.  As my husband said, “It just never felt big enough.”  In  short, the costumes are great, the acrobatics are fun…and that’s about all I can say in a positive light.  The whole “bring in the clowns” aspect was a bit circussy for me.  I didn’t need to see the bugs interacting with the audience and making them do stupid things.  I didn’t need to watch a clearly far-fetched romance between a full-figured lady bug and a sex-starved dork bug.  And I really didn’t need to see the bugs dancing around a la Chicago musical.

The killer for me was that we never found out what was in the egg.  Was it a baby dinosaur?  A thousand snakes?  A chicken even?  The egg just kind of was there and there and there and then it was gone.  No explanation.

So save your money and go see another show…unless of course, you’re a big fan of the clown and high-wire circus.  In which I’d say Ovo is right up your bearded lady.


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