Amazon Mom…Ye of the Bait and Switch

As a busy CEO, supermodel, and world-renowned surgeon, I don’t have as much time as I used to.  This mean cutting corners where I can…hence, my addiction to Amazon.  About a year ago, Amazon offered me a membership to its Amazon Mom’s Club.  (why this club and not the supermodel surgeon club, I have no idea)  The benefits included free 2 day shipping, discounts off of certain “mom” related items like say, diapers and baby wipes, and the opportunity to accrue more months of membership with each purchase.

Cut to…One year later and I’m surfing Amazon for everything.  Cameras, underwear, razor blades, carseats – if it can save me a trip to the market, I’m buying it online.  And then, poof!  It’s all gone.  I called Amazon and was told that they had temporarily discontinued the program to “encourage” members to sign up for their prime membership.  Why?  Because prime membership costs us users $79 a year.

So now I’m totally addicted to the ease of Amazon plus I’m digging the 30% off I get on all my “mom” stuff.  It’s a terrible fix.  Do I spite Amazon and shop elsewhere, thus paying more for the items I want?  Or do I give in to their evil empire, pay $79, and get my lower rates free of tax and driving?

Oh Amazon! <insert fist shaking here>  You have foiled me!


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One response to “Amazon Mom…Ye of the Bait and Switch

  1. Mary

    give in….it has saved me ENORMOUS amounts of time driving/parking/getting irritated when all I like to hear is the sound of the ups driver…….and where do you think the ‘elmo’ family came from??????

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