The Arnold Palmer Debate

The other day my husband surprised me and took me to lunch in Santa Monica.  It was a real treat and despite our 1.5 year old who was also at the table, I tried to pretend like I was back in the south of France…

…without any wine

…or hand holding

…or conversation that wasn’t interrupted by feeding said 1.5 year old, stopping a silverware percussion or picking up flying blueberries.

But other than that, I was totally in a cafe in Saint Remy.

The waiter came while Sam was in the bathroom and I ordered 2 Arnold Palmers, our favorite non-alcoholic drink.  Made with 1 part lemonade, 1 part ice tea, it’s fairly hard to mess up.  Little did I know however, that my husband has recently become quite fired up regarding the change some restaurants are introducing to this staple.  Instead of regular, unsweetened ice tea, some people are using <gasp, gag, groan> tropical flavored ice teas.

I’m not kidding.  It’s a travesty.

I of course sucked mine down, wiped my mouth, and then proceeded to suck Sam’s down.  Sam on the other hand, turned his nose up at the egregious faux pas and politely requested water.  Behind the waiter’s back though, he ranted…

…and cursed modernity

…and pulled his hair while moaning about the fate of the world.

I even believe contacting Arnold Palmer was mentioned somewhere along the way.

So, for you purists out there, you’re not alone.  My husband is among your members and he is getting radical out here in California.  I saw markers and some poster board out in the garage with “Save the Arnold Palmer” and “Just Say No To Tropical Ice Tea With Your Lemonade” written on them.  Seems somebody is not taking this change lying down.



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