Car Shopping

With the double stroller looming before me like gangrene, I have come to the jarring realization that I might probably possibly definitely most likely, need a bigger car.  One with a trunk the size of Kansas.  And higher up so my back stops resembling a sapling in a strong wind.

Since me driving a mini-van is about as likely as me walking out of the house with maxi-pads as shoulder pads, I’ve turned my search to the world of SUV.

First of all, fuel for these suckers is atrocious so I narrowed my search to hybrids.  In this category I found appalling results; in most cases, a hybrid SUV still drives fewer miles than your regular, run-of-the-mill sedan.  Two however, stood out amongst the rest (and I’m excluding the small cross-over versions, like the Honda CRV, which would be no help in the trunk department).  The Toyota Highlander and the Lexus RX450 were the only SUV options to have everything I needed and excellent gas mileage.

So there I am, on Lexus’ website building my RX450 when what do I see but the Lexus LF-LC, a concept car coming to a galaxy near you.  Wow is that thing pretty and flashy and shiny and exciting.  So then I start looking at their other high performance vehicles and low and behold, there’s an LFA for a measly $375,000.  Pshaw.  And then of course I find myself typing in Aston Martin.  Did you know you can get a pre-owned Aston Martin?  It’s true.  For $50,000 you too can have a Vantage.  What a deal!

I hate car shopping.  I hate huge strollers.  And most of all, I hate that my money tree out back seems to have missed the company memo.  I asked for a tree with Franklins, not Washingtons!  My Bentley SUV is killing me with 2 miles per gallon.


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One response to “Car Shopping

  1. Duncan

    Love my Lexus rx 300. we got it used maybe 6 yrs ago… great car. Used is the way to go!
    Ive only had one new car, a Suzuki Samurai jeep that my father thought was a good idea… Called it a utility vehicle. Only thing was he didnt take into account that it would squish up into an aluminum ball when 2 drunk drivers hit me head on.

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