MIA at the Superbowl

The web is ablaze with ooolala, MIA gave the finger during her 10 second performance at the Superbowl.  This is controversial?

I don’t think so and I’m feeling sorry for the rapper if this is her big statement.  The finger?  Really?

If you want to get controversial, MIA how about lighting yourself on fire and having the smoke spell out a message like, “A Billion People on This Planet Don’t Have Clean Drinking Water.”  Or ripping off your stupid Egyptian cheerleading costume and wearing an electronic billboard that spells out, “There Are Almost 2 Million Homeless Children in the United States.”  But instead, the best you can do is to give the finger?

I’m sorry, but…BOR-ING.  I am not impressed or scintillated or shocked.  In fact……….I just gave the finger too.  Are you scandalized, MIA?


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