My Worst Nightmare

Two nights ago during the symphony someone’s phone went off.  It was (duh-duh-duh-duh) the Marimba Ringtone.  

sooo loud…

sooo long…

sooo disruptive…

And that’s when the conductor halted the entire orchestra.  Eeek!

For the first time ever Maestro Alan Gilbert stopped the entire New York Philharmonic during its (what I am sure was superb) performance of Gustav Mahler’s Ninth Symphony.  The worst part is that the offender tried to pretend it wasn’t his/her phone going off.  So Maestro Gilbert told the musicians to stop playing, Lincoln Center became silent (except for Marimba! of course), and with great displeasure Gilbert turned and requested that the idiot turn off his phone.

Moral of the story?  Check your phone and then like Santa, check it twice.  Otherwise, pray and then if that doesn’t work, pretend you just had a baby.


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