Shot and Killed

Sarah McKinley from Oklahoma City was home alone with her 3 month old son.  The girl is 18, her husband just died on Christmas of cancer…and that’s not even the story.  On New Year’s Eve, two men began breaking into her home; one of whom had been stalking her.  Armed with a huge hunting knife, the bad guys went from door to door of Sarah’s trailer.

Meanwhile, Sarah called 911 and asked (I love this part) if it was okay to shoot the intruders.  You can hear the taped recording below.  She stuck a bottle in her baby’s mouth to keep him quiet, picked up her shotgun and her pistol (note to self: have several guns around the house in convenient locations), and when the perp busted in waving his knife, she shot the dude dead.

The other man quickly surrendered and the cops arrived moments later.  The most amazing part of the story is that this 18-year-old girl who somehow ended up a widow and a mother before she’s even allowed to legally drink alcohol, never lost her cool and never hesitated.  She was like James Bourne meets Laura Croft.  Keep the baby quiet,   kill the intruder.  Wash hands and repeat if necessary.

Moral of the story: don’t mess with a mama bear…especially in Oklahoma.



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