A Bed On My Airplane – Priceless

Picture this: you’re in a private suite, snuggling up to your honey.  The doors are shut, the curtains are drawn, and the two of you (after eating a delicious meal of course) are changing into your pajamas and pulling down the sheets of your full-size bed.  Oh and you’re a little over 40,000 feet in the sky.

All for a mere drop in the bucket.

Singapore Airlines now offers it’s passengers “A bed unlike any other. For the first time ever in air travel, experience the pleasure of sleeping on a distinctively designed, standalone bed; not one converted from a seat. Our signature turndown service, with fine linen and plush, full-sized pillows, ensures a restful slumber.” (Singapore Airlines Suites)

I looked  up a roundtrip flight from Houston to Singapore and was quoted $15,366.42 per passenger.  Sounds like a steal!  For being comfortable, looking great compared to all those schlubs in coach, and never having to land with swollen ankles, 15k seems to be not enough if you ask me.  Renting a private jet for the same route starts at about $500,000 and that doesn’t even guarantee you a bed.  According to AirRoyale.com I could pay almost 3 million dollars for the luxury of a bed – and the ones in the picture don’t even look that comfortable.

I think Singapore Air has sold themselves short.  A private bedroom for me and my honey should be at least 100 grand.  I mean, please.  Don’t make me look cheap.


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