Could You Be A Sumo Wrestler?

When I was little, my cousins and I used to hike up our underpants, stomp our feet, slap our knees, and yell, “SUMO!”  It was our salute to the beauty of sumo wrestling.

Though I’ve never seen a match in real life, I have seen the men who participate and they are truly like little mountains.  Tall.  Wide.  Big.  Strong.  They move in their robes like Tsunami Waves – slow and steady and with incredible intensity.  To watch them is to watch something beyond the imagination; how do these men get so darn big?

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my 7 month check-up and weighed in at a good 12 pounds heavier then I did only a few weeks ago.  Pleased with my diligence and training, I have contacted a local Japanese Sumo Chapter to alert them of my status.  With a few more months like this one, I’m going to throw my hat/belly into the ring.

Until then, I have investigated what it takes to make it in the sumo world (see 3:30min mark below) and am now adopting a strict regiment:

  • 10,000 calories a day
  • a lot of beer
  • followed by a nap to make sure the weight stays on

Wish me luck.  


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