I Hate the Kardashians

I am so sick of hearing about this (excuse my French) fame-whoring family.  You can’t even read the Wall Street Journal these days without hearing the incredibly non-interesting, made-for-TV drama that these people are advertising.  So and so got married.  So and so got divorced.  Yeah and…?  It’s all for publicity and money and product placement and everything else that falls under the canopy of skewed values.  And the worst part is, people are interested.

America, please stop giving your attention to these people who have done absolutely nothing to deserve it.  If your own life is so darn boring, read a book, knit a sweater, pick up Catan and get addicted.  (best board game I’ve met in awhile)  Anything would be less like sticking a straw into your brain and sucking out all reason and perspective then watching the 400 different reality shows this “family” produces.

And speaking of families that make you go hmmmm?  (click slideshow to play)  Here are some doozies.



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One response to “I Hate the Kardashians

  1. gabriel Y

    i was gonna comment about it, but i have more interesting things to do than to waste seconds writting about them whore, i have to see the paint get dry

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