Duggar Family Expecting 20th Child

I’m trying not to judge.  I mean, I’m really really trying…

Okay, it’s not working.  Are these people nuts?  Answer: yes.  Obviously.

Michelle (age 45) and her husband Jim Bob (enough said) Duggar are “excited” about their newest addition.  Personally, I find it gross, negligible, and selfish.  22 people isn’t a family, it’s a welfare project.  The town social network family, who share their favorite Bible verses on their webpage, have their own reality program to pay the bills.  Of course they do, what circus event doesn’t these days?  Oh my gosh, I’m so mean.  I’ll stop.  But really, 20 children?  The oldest ones never had a chance and the youngest ones probably all have the same name to keep it easy.  Talk about special.  It’s a real Hallmark family – just the way god wanted.

Here’s a picture of them with 17 of their children so just add 3 people and you’ve got a current shot.

And here is what I think is their latest promotional photo – notice how someone has helped make them look less creepy.  Good styling, but I’m not buying the Kool Aid.

And Duggar family?  If you’re reading this?  I’m sorry I judged, but I’m praying your mom hits menopause soon.  I think 20 children is more than enough.


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One response to “Duggar Family Expecting 20th Child

  1. Mary

    I can not imagine it myself, but they support themselves and reproductive “rights” are none of our business. Isn’t that what the liberals say – stay out of my bedroom, stay out of my womb, well, young lady, you should mind your own business. I am certain that the Duggar family doesn’t care two hoots about what you think. I gather you are a liberal!

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