Tower Heist…Not As Bad You Might Think

Friday night date night and Sam and I ventured out into the somewhat chilly Southern California night to see Tower Heist.  I expected pure caca, but was pleasantly surprised to find Tower Heist moderately amusing.  Brett Ratner, the director, is not my favorite director and his recent comments regarding “banging” Olivia Munn before she changed her name and gave herself a make-over…well, let’s just say, the guy sounds like a real pig.  Since I’m no Hollywood actor, I can say stuff like that.  Classy guy though, right?  What girl doesn’t want to be (and I quote loosely here) “banged and then forgotten?”

So of course, I’m super curious as to why a beautiful girl like Olivia Munn would have sex with a guy like Brett Ratner.  Is he super funny?  A real humanitarian?

Or maybe it’s that Hollywood actresses are as avaricious and debauched as we think they are.  I googled “Brett Ratner girlfriends” and this is what I found:

  • Brett Ratner dated Serena Williams for a long time
  • Brett Ratner was engaged to long-time girlfriend Rebecca Gayheart
  • Brett Ratner has allegedly dated Victoria Secret model Alina Puscau whom he shot for Playboy
  • Brett Ratner has “dated” Lindsay Lohan, but then again, so has everyone
  • Brett Ratner has had transsexual relations (NY Post Page Six)
  • Brett Ratner is dating China Chow

There was more of course, but who has the time to skim the web more than that?  The point is, despite Mr. Ratner’s crassness, Tower Heist didn’t totally suck.  Tower Heist: it’s no Shakespeare in Love, but it isnt’s as bad as you would expect either.  Perfect for a tired Friday night with your husband.



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