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Amanda Knox Is Free, Free, Free

It’s a grey and rainy day here in Los Angeles, which seems fitting for yesterday’s big news: Amanda Knox has been acquitted of the murder of Meridith Kercher.  The bombshell has the world in a tizzy.  The American press is rejoicing, the Italians are shaking their heads in dismay, and the British well, they have enough to worry about with their new little princess.  Poor thing is about to topple over from trying to hold up her big head on that quickly disappearing body.  I meanwhile, raise one eyebrow.  Innocent?  Really?  I’m just not so sure.

To recap, Meredith Kercher (Brit) and Amanda Knox (American) were roommates in Italy during their semester abroad.  Knox ended up in a sexy, smoky (puff-puff the magic dragon), experimental relationship with local boy, Raffaele Sollecito.  Kercher ended up dead.  Third man, Rudy Guede (yes, that’s the black man of this story) was accused and sentenced to 30 years in prison (cut to 16 after he cooperated in fingering Sollecito and Knox as his partners in the sex game gone awry) after his DNA was found in sperm at the scene of the brutal crime.  Sollecito and Knox were tried separately and convicted until yesterday when the evidence was found to be poorly collected and therefore null and void.  Americans argue that the way in which the evidence was collected was archaic and well, half-assed.  Italians argue that the technicians did the best they could and that during initial testing, secondary DNA proved that Sollecito and Knox were also at the crime scene.  Does this sound familiar OJ?

Meanwhile, the papers are full of opinions, bloggers are going crazy, and the Kercher family is back to square one.  How long will it be until Knox however, is making the big bucks in interviews, a tell-all book, and perhaps even a career on the big screen.  If one thing doesn’t seem to bring anyone into conflict it’s the sure fact that this is not the last we’ll see of Foxy Knoxy.  In fact, it’s only just beginning.

Scene 2, Act 1: Lady MacBeth enters centers stage.

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Arrested Development 2012

According to the Huffington Post the amazing television show, Arrested Development is coming to a small screen and a big screen near you.  That’s right.  They’re back and they’re black…ok, well not black.  But hysterically dysfunctional as ever.

I discovered Arrested Development quite by accident on Netflix about a year ago and couldn’t believe that Fox had been stupid enough to cancel it.  My theory is that when 99% of America can’t digest anything more complicated than The Biggest Loser (sorry fat people), the poor Bluth family never stood a chance.  Luckily, thanks to bloggers like me however, someone got a clue and has signed on for 9 or 10 more episodes plus a movie.  A movie?  Be still my beating heart.  It’s been seven years since creator, Mitch Hurwitz shared with us the dramedy of daily life with the Bluths and I for one and dying to hear what they’ve been up to.

Lucille Bluth, Best Mother In the World:

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Charlie’s Angels

I had to.  Don’t ask me why, but something masochistic inside of me just had to know.  And yes, my suspicions were confirmed…Charlie’s Angels is just as bad as I thought it would be.

The brunette played by the uber-sexy, Minka Kelly is the easiest one to watch, but strangely it’s the bone-thin blond who seems to have the biggest role.  Her name is Rachael Taylor and of course I had to Google her.  Miss Teen Tasmania 1988.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  Annie Ilonzeh rounds up the cast, but sadly she’s only from Texas.  Bor-ing.

Ratings for the show, now two episodes in, are abysmal, but maybe all the pretty eye candy can save it.  Otherwise, it’s adios Angels, which come on now, is really no big surprise.


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