Maria Bello – In the Role of A Lifetime

A little birdie told me about the new NBC cop show Prime Suspect starring Maria Bello.  There are three episodes online so I began with the most recent.  Amazing.  Mario Bello is like GI Jane except she can’t run (trying to quit smoking). she can’t do pull-ups (or probably push-ups either for that matter), and she drinks like a fish.  But no matter, that Detective Jane Timoney is one serious bad-ass.

Now you all know my love of the dramedy Castle starring Castle (my secret boyfriend) and his muse, Detective Beckett.  Well, Detective Beckett wishes she could be as cool and awesome as Detective Timoney.  Poor Castle needs to switch shows and follow Timoney around for a little while.  He’d be smitten.

Let’s look at a little comparison to prove my point:

  • Beckett: runs around in high heels chasing bad guys
  • Timoney: sneakers, black
  • Beckett: has hair out of a Vidal Sassoon commercial that bounces behind her in the wind as she chases criminals
  • Timoney: ponytail or straight, greasy, and down
  • Beckett: flawless make-up, perfect lighting
  • Timoney: what make-up, what lighting? and she’s usually wearing shades because she’s either hung over or drunk
Now come on people.  Does this sound like a cop or what?  I’m hooked and Maria Bello is my new hero.  She is just perfect for this role and I’m so glad NBC was smart enough to put her in it.  The woman has a resume as long as my eye teeth and yet I’ve never paid much attention to her.  Now, as Detective Timoney however, I have a huge crush on her and can’t wait to see what she turns up in next.  There’s something about her that’s quite beautiful in a very rough and hard-lived way.  Her less than porcelain skin, her deep penetrating brown eyes…I don’t know what it is, but as the hard-nosed, less than feminine, and unapologetic Timoney, she is captivating.



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