Dark City: what to do on a rainy day

Los Angeles is covered in dark clouds and a light drizzle this morning and I for one, am over-the-moon about it.  My child and I listen to Joshua Bell playing Vivaldi as we dance around our house like a couple of October rain fairies.  We like the rain because it’s something different from the usual endless summer day here in LA.  It’s dark and gloomy and full of apocalyptic overtones.  Life comes to a halt in our city when it rains; people don’t know how to drive, women don’t leave the house for their lunch dates, and kids play hooky from school.  It’s awesome.

So here are some things you can do if you’re one of the millions stuck inside today:

  1. Castle : my favorite TV show this year due in no small part to my crush on Castle.  What is Detective Beckett thinking?  She needs to stop messing about and get her leg up on that man!
  2. Project Runway : you can catch this season’s competition here.  See if you can guess who is going to steal the third spot at Bryant Park because although one and two are pretty much wrapped up, three is totally up for grabs.
  3. Modern Family : this show can’t help but cheer you up.  I’ve never wanted to have a dysfunctional family more.
As for me, I’m off to JoAnne Fabrics and Michael’s to stock up on some do-them-yourself Halloween decorations.  What better day to make spiders and gravestones then one like today?

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