Arrested Development 2012

According to the Huffington Post the amazing television show, Arrested Development is coming to a small screen and a big screen near you.  That’s right.  They’re back and they’re black…ok, well not black.  But hysterically dysfunctional as ever.

I discovered Arrested Development quite by accident on Netflix about a year ago and couldn’t believe that Fox had been stupid enough to cancel it.  My theory is that when 99% of America can’t digest anything more complicated than The Biggest Loser (sorry fat people), the poor Bluth family never stood a chance.  Luckily, thanks to bloggers like me however, someone got a clue and has signed on for 9 or 10 more episodes plus a movie.  A movie?  Be still my beating heart.  It’s been seven years since creator, Mitch Hurwitz shared with us the dramedy of daily life with the Bluths and I for one and dying to hear what they’ve been up to.

Lucille Bluth, Best Mother In the World:


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  1. harry

    Dear God I hope this comes to fruition. The reason this show got cancelled is the same reason that the Real Houswives of anywhere is on tv. America is full of dummies.

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