Facebook Has Your Birthday?

Sorting through my spam folder this morning I noticed about 400 emails from Facebook.  I have invites, I have notifications, I have friend requests.  Demanding bunch of people over at Facebook, aren’t they?  Would 1 email not suffice?

Bowing to peer pressure, I logged on (which was no easy feat as I’d forgotten my password) and began responding to the backlog of work social networking I had waiting for me.  And here’s what I noticed…

  1. I cannot navigate Facebook.  Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s Google Chrome, but Facebook is a pain in my ba-donk-a-donk.
  2. Why are people still listing their birthdays on Facebook?  Are they completely out of it?  Have they not seen the plethora of Dateline exposes on stealing your identity from Facebook?  It all begins with the birthday, people.  January 3, 1988 – and from there, Audrey Hopkins is my prison %&@$#.  Why not just put your address on there while you’re at it.  Oh my god!  You did that too?  Seriously?  How are people not realizing how retarded (insert politically correct synonym) this is.  Might as well tell everyone when you’re going on vacation.  On no, but wait – I see you’re in Aruba and congratulations on that new flat screen from last week.
All I’m saying is, if you’re dumb enough to send a check to the chain letter from the banker in Africa who needs your help to save his village, then I guess this Facebook idiocy is to be expected.  If however, you aren’t suckered in by that awesome Timeshare opportunity in booming downtown Detroit, then why in the hell are you being suckered in by Facebook?  Pssst, the internet is not private.
Read it and weep: Facebook Identity Theft 2010



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