Coyotes To Be Trapped and Killed

Blood pressure – boiling.  Patience with fellow humans – zip.  Desire to go euthanize helpless coyotes – nonexistent!

According to the LA Times, officials in Glendale plan to trap a family of coyotes in an abandoned home and kill them.  Why?  Because neighbors fear that the pups could be dangerous.  So the powers to be are setting traps around the burned-out home.

Hey guess what, people?  If we didn’t keep building and building and building, consuming, consuming, and consuming THE COYOTES WOULDN’T BE FORCED TO LIVE IN AN ABANDONED HUMAN HOME IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Why?  Because they’d have unpolluted, forest land where they could hunt and roam and live freely.  But no.  We destroy their natural habitat and then make plans to trap and euthanize them when they take shelter in a building we don’t even want anymore.

Human’s First.  That’s my motto.

Because honestly, who need to preserve wildlife when we can just look at pictures of them on the internet in the comfort of our own living rooms?


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