The Tale of Sleeping Beauty

Ahhhhh!  And just because it needs saying one more time, Ahhhhh!  I’m finally coming up for air after being sick (and I mean really sick, like stuck in bed for 41 days sick) to chaos.  My house is a disaster, my bills are unpaid, my yard is unkempt, and my car looks like it’s been in long-term parking for a year.  I feel like Sleeping Beauty waking up from a horrible nap that I never meant to take.  What the hell happened?

I’ll tell you what happened.  Life went on without me.  And now I’m faced with the herculean task of cleaning up the mess.  Just this morning, I finally unpacked a box (one of many that still need to be sorted from our move) and found my father’s birthday card…which I purchased last spring…for his birthday last July.  I’m going to send it today.  It’s the thought that counts right?

In my wanderings around my new, cobwebbed home that I just woke up to I also found plans to make curtains for our bathroom.  Yeah…mmmm, I think I’m going to scratch that.  I’ve got bigger fish to fry like who the heck has been putting away the dishes?  Nothing is where I left it and I now need to find time to rearrange all the cabinets.  And get curtains for the kitchen as there seem to be tablecloths looped over the rods instead.  And talk to my husband about the fact that everything in his closet seems to be piled at strategic locations around our bedroom.  How did I sleep through that?  Or the fact that our dining room table is covered and I mean covered with stuff.  What is all that stuff?

The goods news is that I now realize for my household to run smoothly (did I mention the stack of unpaid bills I just found tucked into a bathroom drawer?) I need to be awake.  The bad news is that looking around my disheveled and dilapidated castle, I want to go right back to sleep.


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