Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Last night I dove into the old classic, Girls Just Want To Have Fun starring Sarah Jessica Parker.  Sam left the room is disgust, but I was transported back to 1984 in all it’s cheesy glory.  Lycra, big hair, men baring their midriffs, and women in Jane Fonda tights – it was awesome.  The best part of the movie was SJP who hasn’t changed a bit.  Seriously, in both body and face (and maybe even the hair, let’s be honest) she is exactly the same.  Talk about good genetics.  What’s even more amazing is how slim, lean, and fit everyone is.  A big difference from today’s look.  Nowadays I think the look is either skinny in an ‘I don’t eat’ kind of way or toned and muscular in a ‘I work out everyday for hours’ kind of way.  I like the old 1980’s look.  Very European.


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