I know, I know…it’s been ages.  Good to see you too.

Life has been hectic with King William, my adopted son now on the verge of turning 8 months old.  (his mother is currently somewhere doing something with someplace that somehow has someone…at least that’s what she told us)  William has 4 teeth, loves to crawl, loves to stand, and loves to eat feathers.  We’re working on that one.

In my free time between kill-me-now and I-need-some-sleep-or-I’m-going-to-stab-myself-with-a-shrimp-fork, I saw a great play starring Brooke Shields.  It’s called Girls Talk and it’s happening at the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre in Los Angeles.  I got to talk to Brooke after the show and tell her how much I enjoyed it.  She seemed pleased, especially when I admitted that I cried.  Or maybe she was just afraid of me.  I do look scary these days what with the purple circles under my eyes and the greasy hair.

In other news and world reports, ice cream is good for you and the more you eat, the better you feel.  My doctor told me so.

This past weekend my husband and I went out with two of our dear friends (see Home Is Where the Heart Is – link at right) to the The Boiling Crab in Koreatown.  First of all, Koreans like to party.  That place is like a tank of full-speed, high-octane with a side of cigarette smoke.  We ate at 10pm and people were just starting to get their eat on.  An 18-month old at the table next to us told me I was lame when I remarked that she was up way past her bedtime.  I guess bedtimes are for sissies.  All I can tell you is that after 2lbs of king crab, 2lbs of crawfish, 2 baskets of spicy cajun fries, and a half an ear of corn, I slept like a baby (who doesn’t live in Koreatown).

And finally, to wrap up why I haven’t been writing, I’ve discovered a rare strain of disease that makes your days turn into seconds.  One minute you wake up, the next minute you’re crawling into bed only to wake up again mere moments later.  Nothing ever gets done.  No one ever gets called.  And you can forget about reading the paper or folding laundry.  It leads to crazy, erratic behavior and it is highly contagious so be warned.  My only advice in avoiding this mysterious malady is to live alone, not date, and whatever you do, don’t procreate or adopt someone else’s progeny.  I’m almost certain that’s the key ingredient in catching this time-twisting disease.


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