The Search for Swimmy Swimwear

In a few short days, my son and I will begin a Water Tots class.  King William (my adoptive son, his mother is in the Congo) is now 7 months old and commando crawling from one hidden penny to the next.  If there’s something dangerous, something dirty, something that shouldn’t go anywhere near his mouth…that’s where you can find him.  So in an attempt to both distract him and cultivate his amphibian side, we’re learning to swim.  There poses one small problem however, I need swimwear.

In the days before William, I was wont to wear bikinis, monokinis, and other stringy things that kind of held it all together, but kind of didn’t as well.  Such is the nature of women’s swimwear, no?  But now I need something that is appropriate for swimming with children at the local pool.  Something that says, I am not a floozy, while still being fashionable, flattering, and sans Speedo brand.  I began this process by trying on my monokini (as seen here on supermodel, whateverhernameis and just so you know, I look about the same in mine), which is the most covering swimsuit I own.  While I do look good in my monokini, I don’t quite feel that it sends the right message.  I want Don, the swim instructor to pay attention to the children and not well, you know.

That decision settled, I got online and began searching for just the right swimsuit.  No, Yuck, Huh, and a skirt?  At my age?  I don’t think so.  The closest I’ve come to perfection is from a brand called Jets, which hails from Australia.  I love their old Hollywood glamor stuff and think I might just take the plunge and get one (or two) over the internet.  The more I look at it the more I feel like it says what I want to convey…I’m teaching my child how to swim, but I’m no dead fish.

See for yourself.


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