Yesterday a friend of mine sent me a video of a piglet and you’ll never guess what happened…that’s right, I want a piglet.  

I asked Kiki, our dog if she would like a piglet to play with and she said yes.  I asked our 7 month old adopted-son (his mother is either in Taiwan, Turkey or Timbuktu) if he would like a piglet for a friend.  His answer was to smack his lips, which I took for a uniquivical yes.  Then I showed my husband the piglet video and his response was to agree with me on the cuteness of the little bitty thing.  I inferred a yes from that as well and so it’s officially unanimous – we need a piglet!

I went onto YouTube to try to find the video, but the only thing I could find was this, which is close, but with weird music: 

Here’s a segment with some details on the micro-pig from a British show that I swear is hosted by Bridget Jones.  No seriously, the episode starts off with a grunt from the woman as she almost falls over and each thing she says is more banal than the last.  

The point is however, that as soon as I get my baby tiger, my baby gorilla, my baby polar bear, and my baby elephant, I’m totally getting a miniature piglet.  


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  1. Mary

    I’m glad it made your day…..and I love the BBC video with Jack Johnson music to boot! Maybe I can convince staff at the farm to get some pygmy piglets and then you can come visit…

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