Date Night

Tuesday morning and I’m looking forward to my Friday date night.  Last weekend we were in San Francisco visiting friends and the weekend before that my dad was in town – so it’s been a few weeks now since Sam and I have hit the town and painted it purple.  And by hitting the town, I’m thinking dinner and a movie?  A walk along the beach?  Window shopping and a glass of wine?  Sadly, my idea of a great time usually ends with me asleep by eleven.

I logged onto the computer this morning and did some searching around for what’s in the theaters (or coming to them by Friday).  King’s Speech – saw it.  Barney’s Version – saw it.  No Strings Attached – saw it.  Ah-hah…The Company Men.  Now that looks good to me.  Not particularly uplifting, but good all the same.  And it seems as if there’s a new comedy coming out on Friday – Cedar Rapids, from the makers of The 40-Year Old Virgin.  Reviews for both are good.

Or I could surprise Sam with rock climbing, a night out salsa dancing, and a helicopter ride over the city.  We could go to a rave, hit a new restaurant, and end the night on a downtown rooftop.  Mmm, it’s a tough call, but I think I’m going to go with The Company Men.  It starts at 7:15pm and I could be in my pajamas by 10.


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