Adele Enersen – Super Creative Mom

My mother-in-law recently sent me to a website that just blows my mind. There’s a blog listed at the bottom, which I checked out (Mila’s Daydreams) from an woman in LA, but I don’t think it’s the same person.  Maybe they’re just super artsy, super creative mom friends?

The pictures that you see here were done by Adele Enersen, a new mother who has really put the rest of us to shame.  How in the heck did she do all of this on no sleep and milk duty?  I’d like to meet this woman and rub up against her a little bit…but not in a creepy way.  Just in a “give me some of what you’re taking” kind of way.  Anyway, see for yourself.  She’s amazing!  I’ve got to get my act together…



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2 responses to “Adele Enersen – Super Creative Mom

  1. Megan Papay

    That screams too much time on your hands!
    Please don’t rub her.

  2. mamathu

    You are a genius! I love this. Just phenomenal.

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