Brother From Another Mother

Jay Chou, who plays Kato in the recent release of The Green Hornet, is called the Justin Timberlake of Asia.  Who knew?  

Chou’s a Taiwanese superstar who has like a gazillion gold records, has sold over 28 million albums, and has been in the top 100 for 8 years straight.  Jay Chou.  Learn the name because I think this guy is here to stay.

So I went online and started listening to his music.  I’m totally a fan.  No idea what the guy is crooning about, but with over 3 million hits per video, I guess someone does.  The Timberlake thing though…eh.  Except for the ‘Snake Dance’ (see first video below where he rocks the nasty – why are they not playing this on the radio?) I’m not too sure if Timberlake is who I’d compare him to.  Maybe more like Ricky Martin.  See for yourself, but be warned.  The more I listen to him the more I’m 他是逗人喜愛的,並且他是吸引人的 hooked.

From the movie he made called Secret.  That’s him in the navy blazer and yes he is really playing.

Dragon Rider (because the dragon is amazing)


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  1. Harry

    Who is Jason Timberlake?

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