Delta, You’re Killing Me

And the Delta saga continues…

After everything we’ve been through (read yesterday’s blog), it now seems as if the karmic wheel has once again spun it’s colorful dial.  I have got to stop kicking old people and refusing to walk cute puppies across the steet. 

About two hours ago I was abruptly shaken from my holiday cheer with the startling news that my flight for tomorow has been cancelled.  When calling Delta to find out why, I was told by a very friendly recording that inclimate weather prevented anyone at every Delta location anywhere in the universe from answering the phone.  I was on my own.  Since there is no snow in Memphis and no snow in my second destination, I can only assume that every other place in the world except for these two is under water.  Goodbye world.  Goodbye old friends.  I am now the only living human on the planet…except for everyone else not working for Delta.

And so the last several hours have been spent on the phone trying to get myself and my 4 month old charge (his mother is in Cambodia) another ticket.  Which we have done.  At a considerable fee to us.  By calling another “partner” airline because Delta’s website isn’t showing any availability. 

I hate Delta.


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One response to “Delta, You’re Killing Me

  1. Mary

    do NOT ever fly delta again
    ditto us airways

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