Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

There’s a book by New York Times bestselling author, Seth Grahame-Smith titled (you guessed it), Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  I had my doubts, but by page 8, I was hooked.  Seth Grahame-Smith lives in Los Angeles according to the back blurb and I’d love more nothing than to meet him.  The book surprised me over and over again and I’m really quite smitten with the man.  I can’t wait to get my hands on his first novel, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, soon to be in a theater near you.  Lincoln unfortunately, won’t be hitting the public with its axe until 2012.

The thing about the book that really got me was how smart it was.  In order for me to know what’s truth and what’s fiction, I’m going to have to go out and get myself a biography of the man.  That’s how well Grahame-Smith weaves his tale.  It all seems true because much of it must be and then he just winds in the fiction like a slippery little snake.  With pictures, misguiding Abraham Lincoln speeches, and a faux journal that reads like truth, the book pulls a whopper over readers.  Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter???  Yes, I’d say so.


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  1. Duncan

    Awesome!~ In atlanta recently we went to the ATL history museum and saw an Abe Lincoln exhibit. It contained hand written documents and photos, the theatre program from when he was shot/covered in blood, the contents of his pocket at death (2 pr glasses, a monogrammed button, glasses cleaner, positive letters about his duties, a five dollar bill, a confederate fob), a rough draft of the Gettysburg address….. all very cool. It will travel the us for more to see… but no mention of vampires… good to know.

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