Baby Groups

King William, my 3 month old charge, and I have joined a baby group.  For those of you who have no idea what this means, please allow me to enlighten you…

Every week 12 women schlep their babies and themselves to a location where, for the bargain price of $500, they can learn about what they “should” be doing.  The mothers learn about teaching their babies to roll, sleep, and eat.  They talk about their husbands and what the poor men are and are not doing right.  They talk about their hormones, their sleep deprivation, and their newfound tolerance to screaming, poop, and leaking breasts.  And speaking of breasts, you’ll see a lot of them in this class.

The point is to help new moms find their sea legs.  To hear that other women are struggling just as much as you are and that although it might seem like you’re in hell, at least you’re not alone.  Misery loves company.  William and I are not the only ones in the group who aren’t biologically connected so we don’t stick out as much as I feared we might.  Plus, I have all the same stories as the rest of the moms – no sleep, no sleep, and oh yeah, no sleep.  I’m waiting for the class on not raising a serial killer (I’m taking notes for that one), on making sure your child is smart, funny, and confident, and on surviving parenthood without looking like a hag afterward.

I’ll keep you posted as the class goes one, but so far, I’m treading with reservation.


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  1. Mary

    Just watch Dexter and you’ll know how to (I mean how NOT to) raise a serial killer. William, really?

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