Robert Downey Needs A Vacation

I just saw Robert Downey Jr.’s latest flick, Due Date.  Eh.  More like past due date.  There were some funny moments, but the movie was juvenile.  Zach Galifianakis (gesundheit), Downey’s “buddy” in this buddy comedy, carries his role well and is for the most part, believable and funny.  Downey plays the straight guy and he does a good job (he is a consummate actor after all), but lacks his usual sparkle.  And this got me to thinking…

Before the mediocre Due Date, there was Iron Man 2, which was painful at best.  Sitting through that farce was like taking an eye-rolling course.  By the end of the movie I had the talent down.  And before Iron Man, there was Sherlock Holmes another movie that was okay, but not great.  So what happened to the Downey that used to come up to plate and hit one home run after another?  Because this new Downey just seems tired.  Don’t get me wrong, he looks handsome and debonair and fit as a fiddle, but his freak flag is flying half-mast.

My favorite Robert Downey is the squirrely one who put out performances like in Wonder Boys or Tropic Thunder.  I love the RDJ who takes risks and who uses his immense improv skills to play the characters we all wish we knew, the ones who are just too strange and delightful for words.  So Robert (can I call you, Robbie?), if you’re reading this…take a vacation.  You are far too good of an actor to be making these banal films.


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