Mondo Loses – I Eat Straus Family Ice Cream

It’s been just over a week since Mondo lost the last season of Project Runway to Gretchen.  As Tim Gunn said to the LA Times (and I’m bastardizing this), “Mondo will go on to have a great career.  Gretchen needs the money.”  He also said that the judges were smokin’ crack and I’d have to agree.  Gretchen was in the bottom of the pack challenge after challenge and still the judges pushed her through to the finale at Bryant Park.  Her designs were wearable yes, but that’s the exact same reason why Emilio Sosa was beaten by Seth Aaron last season.  Sosa, the judges said, was too ‘ready to wear’ while Seth Aaron put on a show.  So now Grethen wins with ready to wear and Mondo, the clear show-stopper, loses?  What am I missing here?

I know that Project Runway happened last Thursday, but it’s taken me this long to suffer the ill effects of Mondo losing and to wrap my head around the decision.  In the meantime, I must share with you something that has helped me through this tragic event…Straus Family Ice Cream.

Straus Family Creamery, most known for their ridiculously delicious organic soft serve ice cream, has now come to a Whole Foods near you.  I must tell you that to eat Staus Family Ice Cream is to enter into a new dimension of yummy.  And speaking of crack, the Coffee Toffee Crunch is whack.  I haven’t tried the mint chocolate chip yet (my favorite flavor) as I’m afraid I’d eat the entire pint in one sitting.  It’s not heavy or rich like Haagen-Dazs (from New York), but rather light and icy like a gelato.  The family creamery is located on the coast of California just north of San Francisco in a small town called Marshall.  The area, most known for Point Reyes, is a cloudy oasis where the cows can make their milk in peace.

So if you too are in the dumps about Mondo’s tragic loss, may I suggest Straus Family Ice Cream.  It’s just what the doctor ordered for sad news and bad decisions.


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  1. Thanks for the nice words, Sara! We’re glad our ice cream helped 🙂

    Straus Family Creamery

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