Salsa At the Mayan

On Saturday, my husband and I hit the floors of the Mayan in Los Angeles.  The Mayan is a themed nightclub that was built in LA during the 1920’s when over-the-top was the name of the day.  As a result we have the Chinese Theater, El Capitan, and…The Mayan.  Now I’ve traveled all over the Yucatan and to say I’ve been inside a temple or two would be a fair assessment.  So you can imagine my surprise when I walked inside.  The Mayan looks just like the inner cavity of an old Aztec temple minus the slime, the moss, and the unbearable heat.  From huge, square textured stones that make up the facade of every wall, to the triangularly shaped roof, to the carvings that really look like old Mayan gods – it’s all part of the theme.

So there we were, all gussied up and ready to salsa to the cows came home, when what do we see but a flapper and a zoot suit walking in the front door.  The Mayan was having a Halloween party and we hadn’t even known.  In we went despite our reservations and honestly, I had the time of my life.  If you haven’t salsa danced with the Incredible Hulk, naughty police officers, Snow White, and the guy from The Hangover who wears the baby on his chest, you haven’t salsa danced at all.  It was like dancing in a dream.  Kick, kick, kick – a scary clown just danced by me.  Step, step, step – the grim reaper is getting down with a woman in lederhosen. Little Bo Peep?  Twirl, twirl, twirl again – a sexy nurse, a frog, a skeleton, a cowboy, and a woman with nothing but a thong and a snake just flew past.  And would you look at that – a  jester in a full velour body suit.  You don’t see that on a curvaceous woman every day.

In short, I had more fun dancing at The Mayan then I have had in a long time.  In addition to getting to dance with my husband, I also got to see an entire nightclub full of strange and wonderful characters all moving and grooving to an awesome live band.  If I owned a nightclub I’d have costume parties be de rigueur…and then I’d invite one couple to come in as themselves.  It’s just like a scene from Eyes Wide Shut.  In fact, I bet Stanley Kubrick wandered into a situation just like we did and it inspired the whole movie.  Awesome.


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