Breastfeeding Loses Weight?

Dear Sara,

I’m breastfeeding like a cow up here and can’t seem to decide whether it’s having any affect on my baby weight.  What do you know about this subject?  Moo?


HooterHungry in Hakansaw

Dear Hooter Hungry,

Los Angeles is home to the famous Pump Station, what you might call the mecca of breastfeeding and all thing baby related.  Per my conversation with one of the women there, lactation experts recently met in Berkley, California to discuss (among other things) this exact same question.  Their findings were that no links can be conclusively established between breastfeeding and losing weight.  The studies seem to show that if you’re prone to losing weight (healthy diet, exercise, etc, etc), you’ll lose weight and if you’re not…sucks for you.  Put down the chocolate cake.

Keep up the breastfeeding though, just add in some walks and a bag of lettuce.  I’m sure you’ll see the weight-loss soon enough.  Moo!



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