Sexual Education

When I’m not blogging or saving the world from alligators in the sewage drains, I spend a lot of my time with teenagers.  Not like I pick them up at movie theaters in a creepy, “I’m old, will you hang out with me?” kind of way.  I don’t troll Urban Outfitters or anything, I just…nevermind.  The point is, my finger’s on the pulse of metropolitan teens and the news ain’t good.   Last week I was told that condom-less sex for teenagers is back on the menu.  And that <gasp> HIV is something from ‘back then’ and has nothing to do with ‘today.’  It seems as if high schoolers, in Los Angeles at least, aren’t worried about safe sex.  The HIV is about as far from their minds as mortgage payments.

So, curious cat that I am, I Googled HIV on the rise and low and behold, the numbers are creeping up again.  For those of you who watch Project Runway, my favorite designer, Mondo has HIV and bravely came out about his 10 years positive status.  I pray that the kids watching the show get a clue.  HIV is real and its deadly and I can’t believe the lack of sexual education out there.  Which is why I’m writing this blog entry tonight…something needs to be done.  Today’s teens have a sense of complacency about a disease that changed the way my generation views sex.  Unfortunately, the fear of contracting HIV has dissipated thanks to a pill-popping generation who sees nothing out of the ordinary about catching something, seeing a doctor, and taking a pill.  Perhaps it’s the prevalent diagnosis of ADD and Adderall or just the way in general that doctors scribble through their prescription pads from one happy drug to the next, but kids are growing up on meds and HIV is just another orange bottle as far as they’re concerned.

From what I see on Google, it’s not just teens either.  The gay community has also slipped back into a stupor of blase ignorance.  I don’t know what’s in the water, but I’m drinking mine through a condom.  Listen up kids, cause here’s your news flash – HIV is the cause of AIDS and it will kill you.




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