Naming A Racehorse

Just another day in the life of a quasi-famous blogger.  I went online this morning to check my comments and what did I see but a rather intriguing request from Wood-Moore Manor in South Africa, a breeding farm for racehorses.  Now usually I just ignore the notes – I mean how many children can one woman father right?  But this note was different and so I responded.

Comment (as published on my Dear Stalkers page):

As registered thoroughbred racehorse breeders, we often look for names for our new foals. We were on the e-net today looking for a potential name for one of our foals, which is expected tonight. The mares name is Corn Syrup and your webpage is linked to a the word “Corn Syrup”. Perhaps you may have a fantastic name for a racehorse?  Wood-Moore Manor

See what I mean?  How could I resist?  So I pondered the question and wrote back the following:

Maple Syrup
Little Fructose
Sugar Cane
Honey Syrup
VT Fancy (it’s a kind of Vermont Maple Syrup)
Fast Drip

So if anyone out there has any other names that might be good for Corn Syrup’s foal, please write in.  I’ve requested a picture of the new baby so if they send me one, I’ll post it up.


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  1. Mary

    Sweet Thing
    Padamooday (don’t ask why)

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