The Captain Would Like To Buy You a Drink

Yesterday was a big day over here in Lala Land.  First off, Hanky Panky (aka Hank the Tank aka the Big Guy)

boarded a red eye on Continental to take his first solo vacation.  Well, second if you count his stint in rehab jail camp this summer.  We had had a long talk as a family and decided that Hank was old enough to spend some time on the farm back east.  Kiki had spent a summer by herself at the farm years ago and loved it.  According to my Uncle Harry, she became a real country dog; chasing squirrels, lying in the dirt, exploring the wilderness.  Now I don’t necessarily believe the country dog part (this is Kiki we’re talking about – the dog likes to shop at Neimans in a Chanel bag), but she seemed happy when she came back to LA and that’s all that matters.  So when Hank voiced his desire to leave the city and to see some foliage and snow, we started researching how to make it happen.

Continental is one of the few truly “pet friendly” airlines out there and they have the exorbitant pet carrier fees to prove it.  Not much less money than Pet Airways, Hank traveled safely in a pressurized and air-conditioned area made especially for pets.  $600 later (Pet Airways was $645 and the lowest we were quoted to transport Hank across the country via auto was $3000 so in our minds it was a real deal) Hank arrived safely and none the worse for wear.  Unlike American Airlines or United or one of the other airlines that sadly lose and inadvertently kill hundreds of pets a year, Continental took wonderful care of our Hank and we are grateful for it.  According to my Aunt and Uncle, Hank is happy as a clam and ready to gallop through the trees and hunt buffalo.  I just hope the wild critters at the farm learn quickly.

And then yesterday, my mom left, which was our second big occurrence.  After weeks of company (we’ve had guests here since July 13th), the house seemed quiet and empty with just me and Kiki and youknowwho.  I was feeling sad and lonely when she phoned up late last night that she had arrived safely.  “I’m here.”  she said.  “And you’ll never guess what happened to me.  I sat down and my movie thing wouldn’t work for my seat.  So I wrote a note to the captain and gave it to the flight attendant.  It said, ‘Since I can’t watch a B movie and I can’t listen to music because my seat’s broken, how about you buy me a drink so I can fall asleep?  Sincerely, 14D’  And guess what?  The flight attendant came back and told me that the captain would like to buy me a drink.”

This morning as I walked Kiki under the blue, cloudless, Southern California sky an older neighbor called out to Kiki, “Hey, cutie.  You taking your owners out for a walk?”  I told him she was  and he came over to pet her.  I felt better immediately and I had to smile.  Talk about making lemons into lemonade…the Captain had just bought me a drink too.


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  1. Harry

    Hank and Dex have officially hit it off. It started with 15 minutes of off leash circle sprinting and ended with laying down, aggresively panting at each other. There may or may not have been some pond swimming thrown in.

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