Man Kills Wife

In England, a man has been accused of killing his wife because of how she played bridge.  Obviously, he didn’t like her style.  Police found the woman 3 days after the fight, dead in the couples’ home of multiple (try 100) stab wounds.  All injuries were to her neck and upper body.  If you ask me, this is no simple “You gave away a 5?!” stabbing.  Maybe 1 knife wound would account for a bad card choice, but 100?  This guy had been hating playing bridge with his wife for a long time.

When I curiously searched for more stories about men killing their wives over games, I wasn’t disappointed.  A man in Pennsylvania stabbed his wife and bludgeoned her to death with a hammer after she complained about him staying up to watch the playoffs.  Back in April, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators went into triple overtime and apparently this guy couldn’t miss a minute of it.  After he stabbed his wife 4 times, took the hammer to her head 10 times, and finished up watching the game (the Senators won), he burned down the house to hide the evidence.  I’m no hockey fan, but why not just go to a bar and save yourself a dead wife and a burnt-down house?

And the murders don’t stop there.  A German man killed his wife over her addiction to computer gaming.  Apparently, he found out she was involved with a dragon slayer in her favorite fantasy game, Rappelz.  He stabbed her 17 times in the upper body and 3 more straight to the heart for good luck.  You know, just in case she was wearing a healing cloak or had taken her dragon-skin elixir that morning.  And in England a man killed his wife after she became hooked on Grand Theft Auto.  They were both in their 60’s, had three kids, and been married forever.  One day you’re growing old with someone, the next you’re stealing cars, pimping hoes, and dead.

Moral of the story…don’t get married.  Or if you do, take a wide berth when it comes to games because for all of these stories of men killing their wives over games, there were just as many going the other way.  People are nuts!


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