The Girl Who Played With Fire – Continued…

Just a brief blog today to offer up my two cents on The Girl Who Played With Fire, the latest Swedish movie from the adapted Millennium series.  (see The Girl Who Played With Fire for more details)

Sam, who has never read the book, thought the movie was, like the first installment, dark, action-packed, and serpentine in plot.  I, who have read the book, totally agreed with him although I was cognisant of just how much the film cut in order to hit the 2 hour mark.  Sam remarked that in this film, even more so than with the first, there were both gaps and scenes that seemed to make no sense.  I agreed.  For someone who has read the book, the movie ties together because you know what’s happened in between.  For those like Sam who haven’t however, there were multiple occasions when this or that seemed totally extraneous.  For instance, a brutal fight scene between Salander’s roommate Miriam Wu, a famous boxer, and a giant psychopath.  It came out of nowhere and disappeared into nowhere.  For Sam it seemed like a red herring.  For me, I knew the movie was trying to reference about 100 pages that explained Salander’s fighting skills, who Wu was, and why the giant felt no pain.  Unfortunately, movie-wise, it didn’t work and the storyline editing was choppy.

Per Metacritic, The Girl Who Played With Fire garnered 67 points out of a 100 versus The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which earned 76.  I’m sad to say that I agree with the critics.  Fire is a good movie, but some of the editing choices hold it back from being great.  The acting on the other hand, is superb and I cannot fathom a better choice in cast.  Now all we Americans have to do is hold tight until the last of the trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest makes its way stateside.  Out in Europe back in November 2009, it won’t be here until this October.  Sadly, the team that wrote and directed Fire were also charged with creating Hornet’s Nest.  If you ask me, they should’ve just stuck with the Dragon people.  I think they did a much better job, but maybe Team B will redeem itself with Hornet’s Nest.  Meanwhile, back in Sweden, a partial manuscript of a 4th novel has been found posthumously on Stieg Larsson’s computer.  The Girl Who Ruled The World ?


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