Giant Panda Wins the Lottery

Yesterday, my friend the Giant Panda, aka the largest pregnant woman this side of the Mississippi, had her very first baby shower.  Wow.  No wonder people have babies.  Finally it’s all making sense.

Let me begin by saying that the Panda’s friends (who I don’t know well, but whom I will be cultivating my own friendships with posthaste due to purely nefarious and selfish reasons) are stupendous…and creative…and artistic…and very very detail oriented.  I walked with Panda into an oasis of white lanterns, white flowers, white cupcakes, and white be-robed guests.  I looked everywhere for the sacrificial goat, but to my dismay, no blood was in sight.  Instead, a cradle overflowing with gifts and balloons and smushy stuffed animals greeted my eyes.  Lucky lucky pregnant Panda.

The music for this thing called a baby shower was like taking a step back into the 1960’s and it was groovy and happy and fun.  The Giant Panda opened gifts to the heavy beat of rock ‘n’ roll when rock was having it’s own baby.  In between bites of cheese and cupcake I looked around and noticed that all of the ladies in white were wearing corsages made up of tiny infant socks.  Who thinks of details like that?

Here are some shots of the shower that I think might give a clue as to how truly amazing this party was for a baby who’s not even born yet.  Lucky baby.  Lucky Giant Panda!


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