Knight, Vampires, and Fire

The summer movies have begun and no one is more excited than my friend, the Giant Panda aka the baby maker.  Sitting for two hours in the dark without going to the bathroom – hard.  Sitting for two hours with the phone turned off, her feet up, and the air conditioning pumping through her very pregnant hair – pure bliss.  Tomorrow I have promised to accompany her to see Tom “there’s an alien inside of me” Cruise’s new movie, Knight and Day where nobody plays Knight and nobody plays Day.  Confusing, right?  You thought Cruise was Knight and Cameron Diaz was Day?  Me too.  You’ll notice please that all of the billboards and movie ads have whited-out Cruise’s handsome mug.  Rumors circulate that that was done to increase ticket sales.  The powers to be thought that (considering Tom’s lack of popularity) people would be more likely to come see the movie if they temporarily forgot he was the star.  Who comes up with these things?

On Wednesday, Eclipse the next Twilight movie hits the theaters and tweens everywhere are freaking out.  In downtown L.A. die-hards have already been camping out for days to catch a peek of their favorite vampire or werewolf at the upcoming premiere.  I’m not here to judge, but there’s no way I’d spend a week of my life camping in downtown L.A. when my only reward was a possible glimpse of an actor.  A week on a desert island with hunky Robert Pattinson, a full-time masseuse, and magic sunblock that makes me look like Halle Berry in a bikini…now that might tempt me.

And about a week later, right after the 4th of July, The Girl Who Played With Fire comes to the States.  The dark sequel to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, this next installment promises to be just as nasty as the first.  For those who have read through the three book series, you’ll remember that ‘Fire’ was the fastest page turner of them all.  This is the one where the Swedish caca really hits the fan and the secrets of our protagonist, Lisbeth Salander finally come to light.  The Panda and I are most excited for this film.  We’re huge fans of the Swedish series and can’t believe the American movie industry is making a knock-off.  (IMDB)  Really?  Really???

So get yourself to the gym asap because it’s time to eat popcorn and drink Raisinets.  Summer movies are here and eek!  I’m excited.


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