The Bachelorette, Season Whatever

So I have a confession to make, my pregnant friend has gotten me addicted to the Bachelorette.  I guess I just feel sorry for how rotund and immobile she is these days, but I find myself sitting next to her on the sofa watching the program and trying to tune out Sam’s sarcastic comments about what a stupid, stupid program it is.  It’s not stupid.  Okay, it is stupid, but it’s still entertaining.

This week Casey, a guy from east bumble-bleap, California who sounds as if he’s talking through Darth Vader’s mask (seriously, the guy has the weirdest voice), went on a date with the bachelorette.  Her name is Ali Fedotowsky (with a name like that no wonder she wants to get married) and she’s your very cute, girl-next-door.  Casey is smitten with her and in an act of “pure love” went to a random tattoo parlor in NYC and got himself inked forever.  Forever.  FOREVER.  You see what I’m saying here?  The guy got himself tattooed f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

Thus far, Ali doesn’t know she’s got a live one on her hands and so wacko Casey is still on the scene, tattoo and all.  But there’s also Rated-R, the amateur wrestler, and whats-his-face, the neurotic weatherman, so at least he’s in good company.  But seriously, what kind of idiot (excuse my french) gets himself tattooed on a reality television show over a girl he barely knows?  I love it.  Bring on the crazy.


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