Get Your Own Talk Show!

Oprah is looking for the next big thing and YOU could be it!  I could be it!  My two dogs could get together, round up some friends from the dog park, teach us why it’s so darn hard to train them, and be it!  (now that would be a great show)

Here’s the link: Oprah’s New Reality Talk Show

All you have to do is A) come up with an idea <I have one! I have one!>  B) get someone to video you pitching your idea in 3 minutes or less <huh.  I need more unemployed friends>  and C) get a million people to vote for you before the contest expires at 11:59 PST on June 26th.  <woosh – and there goes the dream>

In my fantasy, I get the job and spend my days talking and talking and talking…and everybody has to listen!  How great is that?  It’s almost as good as my fantasy of being a radio DJ, which has been renewed since watching the movie Pirate Radio last week.  I was at a dinner party recently where I met someone who worked for KCRW, the local National Public Radio station.  I immediately broached him about getting on the air, becoming a talk show host, saving the world, and stopping world hunger.  Strangely the number he gave me has been disconnected.

Best of luck to those of you who enter and Oprah, if you’re listening?  I’ve got a really good idea and I’m very photogenic (see below)

Look One:

Posh Spice – the paparazzi will love this look.  Maybe they’ll even think I just got out of rehab / prison / a motorcycle gang.  All of these things are very popular these days.

Look Two:

Office Spice – this can be work look, my serious side.  The fans will know I’m ready to open a can of whoop ass when they see me strolling into the studio looking like this.  Maybe I’ll even get a Nobel Prize for intellectual activity or whatever it is that Obama did to get his.   Or not.  Who knows right?  (see? I even do modesty well)

The point is, call me!!!


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