Hottest New Handbag

Should you wake up this morning with a burning desire to Google search ‘hottest new handbag’ several websites would pop up. (actually seems to be a shared site dedicated to purses the writer must have and Real Housewives reality drama), The Bag Blog (can’t say I like the taste of this one too much), Bag Snob (the name says it all), and  Handbag Go (kind of like an A-Z dictionary of handbags) are just some of the links that pop up.

Now you might be asking yourself, ‘Why would one ever type in such a thing?‘  Well, I’ll tell you why.  One day you might find yourself thinking you want a new bag – neigh, need a new bag – but have no idea what kind of bag your little heart desires.  There will be options, many many options.  And you will get much cardio by hitting the streets and browsing from store to store.  But you will not find the bag that makes your heart scream, your legs quiver or your mouth mew.  And so, ladies and gentleman, you will find yourself typing in a Google search for ‘hottest new handbag’ in the hopes of seeing something you’ve never seen before.

When that day comes.  When that moment arises when you don’t want what everyone else has, but something new, something bold, something different, think of me.  I have explored this country before and I know all of its crags and valleys.  Beware of the logo, the fringe, and the metal detailing…and remember, there is nothing more tacky then denim.  It’s goes on your rear and your legs, not your arm.


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