Dog Juvie

Hank is home from “camp” aka Dog Juvie aka Rehab.  And so it’s a circus in our home once again.

David Roe from the Blue Dog Ranch in Burbank, California is a man who has a way with dogs.  Left, right, sit, down – Hank was responding to his commands like a well-tuned violin.  We rubbed our eyes and blinked.  It was like watching Santa Claus come down the chimney.  Was this our Hank?

David, Sam, and I worked with Hank at our home until about 10pm on Saturday night.  Not what I would call a hot date night, but it needed to be done.  We learned greeting techniques and play rules.  We learned that everything we used to do was out and everything we’d never done before was in.  No more playing it cool with Hank; he was either “on the clock” or off.  When he was on the clock we were working.  Sit, down, come – Hank now does these commands for hours on end no matter what distraction is thrown in his way.  He’s on the job and he’s ready to work.  Nothing can distract him and he knows all of our ruses.  “Down,” we say and walk away.  We go outside, ring the doorbell, bang on the windows, and push over trashcans.  We come back inside and he’s exactly where we left him, waiting patiently for his food.  I can almost see him rolling his eyes at us.  “That old trick again?”

Today he’s in his tank, resting until it’s time for him to go to work again.  He’s got his beef marrow bone from Whole Foods, his chubba wubba, and his…oh no.  He’s barking.  I knew it was too good to be true.


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  1. Harry

    the tank is back!

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