Get Him to the Greek

This is not the movie you want to see with your mom or your teacher or the exchange student from India.  It is however, much much funnier than that terrible Sarah Marshall disaster that I just didn’t understand. (maybe as a woman I wasn’t supposed to?)  Get Him to the Greek stars Russel Brand as Aldous Snow, the legendary and quite sexy actually, rock star phenomenon.  Aldous has had a bit of bad luck with his most recent record and with the help of his label, he’s about to climb back on top.

The head of the studio is played brilliantly by P. Diddy also known as Sean Combs or the artist formally known as Prince.  So many name changes, so little time.  His underling, sent to bring Aldous to his sold-out concert in L.A., is played by the quite heavy Jonah Hill.  Everybody is Hollywood is starving and yet each time I see Jonah Hill he seems just as chunky as before.  He must be eating the leftovers.

Aldous, Brand’s alter-ego, is on rock-star time and getting to the Greek Theater is fairly low on his list of concerns.  What ensues is so surprisingly funny that I almost wet my pants on at least three occasions.  One of which was a scene with P. Diddy, Hill, and Brand in Vegas while on ‘Jeffrey,’ the drug no one can be scared of due to its name.  What’s terrifying about a guy named Jeffrey, right?  Wrong.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Judd Apatow-brand of Peter Pan movies.  Usually they’re a bit too gross and juvenile for me.  (Forgetting Sarah Marshall for instance.)  But every once in awhile one comes along that hits the genre on the head.  Last year it was The Hangover, this year it’s Get Him to the Greek.  Now if you’re over 50, conservative, and not exactly oozing with hipness, this movie is not for you.  You’ll be offended, confused, and worried about why our youth is headed down the toilet.  If, on the other hand, you don’t mind a little drugs with your rock and roll, then get thee to the Greek.  You’ll be psyched to see Aldous in his leather pants swinging his groove.

Get Him to the Greek – I give it four blurry fingers and a shot of absinthe up.

Oh and I almost forgot…in addition to P. Diddy being amazingly hysterical and Russel Brand being surprisingly (to me at least) sexy, Jackie Q played by Damage’s Rose Byrne is gorgeous.  And to hear Aldous Snow and Jackie Q in full surround sound, check out iTunes.  Instant Sorrow can rock your frown upside down.


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