Pirate Radio

These days I spend my time in the car listening to books on tape instead of the radio.  And when I get home, I usually opt for a CD rather than tuning in a local station and fighting all those annoying commercials.  Last night however,  I remembered why radio could be awesome.  Pirate Radio, a film starring him and him and him and him, rocked my socks off.  I found myself sitting on the sofa bouncing along to the tunes I used to crank up when I was 16.  I remembered what it felt like to listen to music and to feel rock and roll euphoria.  What it was like to be young and wild and ready for adventure.  Pirate Radio made me feel like jumping on the irresponsible train and stealing a ticket to the land of endless possibility.  In other words, I loved it!

When the film hit theaters, critics were less than impressed and so I found myself bypassing it even though the previews looked so fun.  Well now I’m kicking myself because I couldn’t turn up my TV loud enough last night.  Granted, the thing’s from 1995 and is as big as a dishwasher, but still, the music is so good I wanted to feel like that guy from the old MTV commercials.  The guy who pumps his stereo up and gets blasted back in his chair backwards.  For those of you like me, who missed this film in the theaters, don’t wait another second to put it at the top of your Netflix queue.  It’s summer time and Pirate Radio will put you in the mood for shenanigans and rebellion.  Who cares if you’re old and boring and pregnant and have swollen ankles?  Rock does not discriminate.  You can find me at the clubs tonight.  I’ll be the one dancing like there’s nobody watching.

Here’s the trailer for your amusement although the 30 second commercial in the beginning is a little hard to swallow.  When did they start doing that?



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3 responses to “Pirate Radio

  1. Mary

    I put it at the top of my netflix list today! You also forgot to mention that it is by the same director as Four Weddings and a Funeral (one of my MOST favorite movies) and Love Actually. Thanks for writing about this movie as I don’t remember reading about it all.

  2. This film was first released UK. The UK Title THE BOAT THAT ROCKED and was retitled Pirate Radio for the US market

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