Sex In the City Meets Pregnant In the City

Tonight, thanks to the largess of my friend who works for the blah-blah-blah with a license to blah, I am off to a premiere of Sex In The City 2.  Per usual, I’ll be dragging along my girlfriend who’s pregnant.  She needs to get out and I don’t care how much she complains about looking like a Giant Panda, what’s sex in the city without a little pregnancy in the city?

Strangely, pregnant in the city must be catching on as my pregnant friend is dragging me to an event tomorrow night just for pregnant women.  Oh how she loves the exclusivity of partying with round people and round people only.  On the down side, the host of the party is one Heidi Klum, also known as Heidi “the body” Klum.  Perhaps you’ve heard of her legs?  We can only hope that’s she’s wearing something very unflattering with thick, rubber-soled shoes that were stolen from a nursing ward.  Otherwise, Heidi in a room full of Giant Pandas is just plain old mean.

I’ll report in tomorrow with my critique of the movie, but come on folks, how many of us are going for the storyline?  We just want to drool over the fashion.  This franchise is like pornography for women.  That’s why it’s really called Sex In the City…those high-priced ticket items are pure foreplay.


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