Faking Your Way In the World Today Takes Everything You’ve Got

This lesson was learned the hard way by 23 yeard old Adam Wheeler of Delaware who was recently busted for faking his way into Harvard.  Wheeler got caught trying to win two prestigious scholarships (Rhodes and Fulbright) while also doctoring up transfer applications into Yale and Brown.  Wheeler, who already had about 45k in financial aid from Harvard, was found out by a professor who recognized the writing style on one of his applications.  Unfortunately it wasn’t Wheeler’s writing style, but a fellow Harvard professor’s.  Wheeler’s being charged with 20 different offenses and is up today for his first appearance in court.

But you know how it goes…no matter what kind of slap on the wrist he gets, our society rewards this sort of devious behavior.  First will come the book deal, How I Cheated My Way Into Harvard, then the miniseries, and then the cushy job at Goldman Sachs where he’ll learn how to really put his ingenuity to good use.  Mark my words, Adam Wheeler will make out like a bandit from this.

And speaking of bandits, have you ever really listened to the words of Wheeler’s theme song?  Pretty interesting stuff… the spelling here is atrocious, but the words are all exactly as they appeared on television.  How did I never catch this before?  Someone out there has a great sense of humor.


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