New Words: Muliebrity and Malapert

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about new words that I like so without too much pomp, here they are.  I think you’ll agree that these two go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Use them today and impress your boss.  Who said you were just another pretty face?

Number One:  Muliebrity \myoo-lee-EB-ri-tee\, noun:  The state of being a woman.

Number Two:  Malapert \MAL-uh-purt\, adjective:  Unbecomingly bold or saucy.

Example:  Donna, the trashy peroxide blond in medical sales keeps flirting with Trevor, even though the whole office knows you guys have a “thing.”  With a tight smile you watch as she leans over his desk with her expense report, all but exposing her surgically enhanced nipples to his shocked gaze.  Loudly you comment to Tori, the compulsive eater from PR, “What a shame.  Some people spend all that money striving to look as if they’ve reached  muliebrity only to become glaringly malapert along the way.  Poor thing.”

Donna, who has no idea what either of these words mean, knows she got slammed, but can’t figure out how to retort.  Steamed, she stalks away in a cloud of J.Lo #9.  Trevor, on the other hand, is as impressed as the rest of your coworkers who overheard you and asks you to marry him on the spot.  The two of you run away to the south of France and live on a naked beach happily ever after.

Ahhhh…new words.


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