Digg, social network or just a “network”?

I don’t know much about Digg except that A) it’s a website and B) people “Digg” on you.  (Digg.com)  What I do know is that through Digg, I’ve made a lot of fans in the Middle East…most of them young men in their early-twenties.  The problem is, I’m not sure if they’re really digging on my blog or if I seem like a desperate mail order bride.  Do they have mail order brides in the US?  And if so, is there a high demand for them in the Middle East?

What happens is that I get an email from Digg telling me that Hamid Jabar, 24 (and single?) from Afghanistan Diggs me.  I’m supposed to log in and click on his profile and then add him as my friend like you do on that website Friendster or Friendbook or whatever it’s called.  Honestly, I’ve gotten hundreds of these emails.  Abdul, Abir, Kasib, Mustafa…the names run together in my mind like a smoothie of cinnamon and cloves.  I think it’s all a scam.  As soon as I respond to one of the these men I know I’m going to become embroiled in nothing but trouble – stuck in a world full of sleeper cells setting bombs off in public squares.  One minute I’m minding my own business writing silly blogs about bad fashion, the next minute I’m married to a guy named Salim Sameer and I’m living in a sketchy apartment building with a tank of nitrogen and suitcase full of plastic explosives.  I’ve seen HBO.  I know how these things work.

So today when I got my digg, I smiled and deleted it per usual.  It’s going to take a lot more than a sexy 21 year old named Jaleel to get me to join a terrorist wive-swapping club.  I may be blond, but I know a thing or two about these things.  (Jaleel, Call me!)



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2 responses to “Digg, social network or just a “network”?

  1. Jaleel

    Excellent posting. Please to return my call! Assalam alaikum.

  2. Mary

    You have seen the movie “Taken”, right?

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